20t 30t Low profile portable truck weigh pad

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The portable weighing pads smartly designed for movable and can be easyily carried use for different site especially for traffic limited control.Both working static or dynamic model can be set on monitor.Easy operation with tickets print function with wired or wireless available according to customer needs.

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Description of the truck axle weight scale

Introducing the revolutionary Portable Truck Axle Weight Scale - the perfect solution for measuring the weight of your trucks and trailers quickly and easily.

Designed with portability in mind, this cutting-edge product has been engineered for ultimate convenience. Its compact design allows for ease of transportation, meaning you can take it anywhere and everywhere you need it, even out on the roads. Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging bulky and heavy axle scales from site to site!

With the Portable Truck Axle Weight Scale, you'll no longer need to make trips to weigh stations, saving you valuable time and money. This tech-savvy tool is easy to use, making it the perfect choice for busy industries, including transportation, logistics, construction, and many others.

This cutting-edge scale is made up of individual pads, each capable of measuring the weight of any vehicle passing over it. Advanced sensors are built-in to detect any weight changes and record them in real-time. This means you will have access to accurate and up-to-the-minute weight data at all times.

Moreover, the Portable Truck Axle Weight Scale is capable of measuring an array of vital information, including gross weight, net weight, axle weight, and many others. This information can be automatically recorded and logged, giving you access to important insights about your fleet operations.

This scale is incredibly durable, and its high-quality materials ensure that it can withstand rough handling, heavy loads and harsh weather conditions. Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, it is built to last and will provide an accurate weight measurement every time you need it.

With this innovative product, you can improve your fleet's efficiency by increasing the load capacity of each vehicle, thus reducing the number of trips required. By using this Portable Truck Axle Weight Scale, you will also reduce your environmental impact as you will be operating in a more eco-friendly manner.

The Portable Truck Axle Weight Scale is a must-have tool for anyone in the transport and logistics industry. With its advanced technology, portability and reliability, this product is a game-changer that will save you time, money and improve your organizational efficiency. Try it out today and experience for yourself the benefits it can bring to your fleet and bottom line!


The main platform of this product is made of high-grade aviation alloy aluminum material, which is cnc processed; Built-in ultra-low height of high-precision stainless steel sensor, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long service life.The sensors are carefully designed by the company's sensor division, using the stress element, fast response; The sensor manufacturing process is equipped with high-precision measuring instrument and force measuring machine and other precision instruments. The front and back sides of the plate are protected by high-strength steel plate after laser cutting and surface anti-corrosion treatment, and the interior is protected by multi-channel anti-corrosion and waterproof sealing. The slope of the vehicle weighing body is made of high strength, crushing resistance, oil and water resistance, and low temperature resistance engineering plastic injection molding, which is light and durable; The weighing body and the slope are integrated foldable connections.


The product is thin in thickness, light in weight, only need to harden the ground placement, save foundation construction, easy to install, use and storage, cost-effective, widely used in vehicle dynamic weighing occasions, for fine weighing without special requirements, can also be used.


(1) Traffic police, road administration, etc. to the vehicle overload law enforcement monitoring;
(2) Meet the test requirements of vehicle manufacturers on the wheel weight, axle weight, total weight and so on.
(3) Industrial and mining enterprises, construction sites, docks, warehousing, logistics and other enterprises general requirements for vehicle weighing;
(4) Enterprises or individuals that do not have a site permit to install fixed weighbridges, or need to move the site frequently.

Technical data

1. Weighing range: single piece weighing: <20t, axle weight: 40t.

2. Accuracy class: static weighing: +/- 0.3% F.S; Dynamic weighing: +/- 1%- 2% F.S.

3. Overload capacity: Safe overload: 120%, Ultimate overload: 150%.

4. Temperature range: -30/80.C, Waterproof rating: IP65

5.Platform battery: > 100 hours, Indicator standby time: 40 hours, support external power supply (optional).

6. Signal processing: wireless transmission; A table of unlimited connection requirements for a number of plates, dynamic/static can be selected at the same time.

7. Support the installation of automatic license plate recognition system, rich storage models, can be selected.


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