Application of portable axle scale in material transportation


  • Modern modes of transportation mainly include highway transport, railway transport, air transport and water transport.The basic index that measures achievement of transportation labor has time, distance and quantity etc factors and all are closely related with measurement.Traffic measurement refers to the science of measurement and testing is related to the traffic and transportation industry. It is an activity to realize the unity of special measuring instruments and instruments and equipment for the traffic and transportation industry and ensure the accuracy and reliability of quantity values. Traffic measurement is an important part of the national quality system and the national measurement system. It is also an important technical basis to ensure the quality of transportation infrastructure construction and national economic development

Highway traffic weighing mainly includes cargo weighing, earthwork weight and overload vehicle weight. The weight of goods and the weight of earth and stone is the net weight obtained by subtracting the tare weight from the total weight of the truck scale. The weight of overloaded vehicles can not only be weighed by the total weight of the truck scale, but also can be calculated by measuring the axle weight.
Vehicle overload transportation will cause damage to the highway bridge and affect the normal traffic and traffic safety, and accelerate the damage of the road surface. Such as a large number of over-limit vehicles running at low speed, will also make the highway into a “low speed highway.So the use of portable axle weighing scale has become an important choice to measure vehicle overload.
w2The problems of the enterprise
The site of the company is too small to install the electronic truck scale. If the transportation place for the second weighing is at the port and the material is transported without weighing then the weight of the material will be inaccurate
Help the enterprise solve the problems
Solve the enterprise site problem which can not install the truck scale .Reduce the loss of material cost and reduce manpower expenditure accurate, can be quickly installed and used to check the vehicle off-load and control.The wireless portable axle scale which has function of light weight and easy to carry, high precision, good repeatability and lateral consistency error is small.
The multiple seal protection, waterproof and moisture-proof design helps to ensure normal detection in rainy days.The integral structure dynamic signal response speed with high frequency.In addition to all the functions of the single channel type, the left and right channels are debugged and detected respectively, with better accuracy, and it can also be used to detect the vehicle bias load.




Post time: Nov-10-2022