Use and maintenance for electronic belt scale


1.It is important to do system maintenance jobs to make a well-adjusted electronic belt scale can be satisfactory normal operation, and maintain good accuracy and reliability.The following seven aspects should be used and maintained: First, for the new installation of the electronic belt scale, within a few months after the installation, every other day to detect a zero, every other week to detect an interval value, according to the accuracy requirements and timely choice of physical calibration or simulation calibration. Second, every day after work shut down in time to remove the aggregate and adhesive tape on the adhesive etc on the scale ; Third, during operation of the tape, should often detect whether the tape deviates; Fourth, because the flexibility of the weighing roller movement, radial runout degree will directly affect the measurement accuracy, the symmetry of the heavy roller lubrication 1 ~ 2 times a year, but pay attention to the weighing roller lubrication, and need to recalibrate the electronic belt scale; Fifth, in the process of use, the normal flow is best controlled within the range of ±20% of the calibrated flow amplitude. Sixth, the maximum flow do not exceed 120%, and this will not only help to improve the accuracy of the electronic belt scale, but also improve the service life of the equipment; Seventh, it is prohibited to do welding on the scale body of the sensor installation, so as not to damage the sensor.In special cases, first disconnect the power supply, and then lead the ground wire to the scale body, and should not let the current loop through the sensor.
2.System overhaul and maintenance due to more external factors, check and eliminate the failure of the electronic belt scale, relative to other weighing apparatus is much more complex, which requires maintenance personnel should carefully read the relevant electronic belt scale knowledge and instruction manual, frequent observation, frequent start, with more analysis thinking and summary.
(1) Computer integrator maintenance computer integrator is the key part of the electronic belt scale, and the mV signal sent by the weighing sensor into digital signal, then the speed sensor sent by the pulse signal for shaping processing, and then sent together into the microprocessor for centralized processing, so it is necessary to maintain regularly.
(2) maintenance of weight sensor and speed sensor Weight sensor and speed sensor is the heart of electronic belt scale. The speed sensor is driven by a rolling device in contact with the tape, and the speed signal of the tape is converted into a voltage signal (square wave). Due to the different devices selected by the manufacturer and the different running speed of the tape, the voltage amplitude is also different. Under normal working conditions, the voltage amplitude is generally between 3VAC ~ 15VAC. The "~" file of the multimeter can be used for inspection.
(3) Zero point correction zero point repeated adjustment is not allowed to lead to inaccurate weighing. First of all, should start from the scene, the cause may be related to the quality of the scale body installation and use of the environment, specific which can be dealt with from the following aspects:
① Whether the ambient temperature and humidity change day and night, because it can lead to changes in the tension of the conveyor belt, so that the electronic belt balance zero drift; (2) whether there is dust accumulation on the scale, and if the conveyor belt is sticky, if so, should be removed in time; Whether the material is stuck in the scale frame; ④ Conveyor belt itself is not uniform; ⑤ The system is not well grounded; ⑥ electronic measuring component failure; ⑦ The weighing sensor is seriously overloaded. Secondly, the stability of the sensor itself and the performance of the computer integrator should be considered.

Post time: Sep-14-2022