1T-5T digital electronic weighing floor scale

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The low profile digital platform floor weighing scales adopt strong compact structure to handle heavy duty jobs.High precision weighing sensor with indicator display.All kinds specification sizes can be customized to make.Mild or checker plate surface platforms both available.

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The floor scale addopts U-beam combination welded structure, casting a high-strength scale body.
The carbon steel weighing body adopts baking paint or spray molding process, and the stainless steel weighing body adopts table drawing, which is practical and beautiful.
Adjustable movable feet are used to adjust the feet to level the scale body in case the ground flatness is not up to standard.
Equipped with four high-precision cantilever beam sensors and intelligent weighing instruments, the weighing system has the characteristics of high accuracy, rapid weighing, stable and reliable work, and simple maintenance.

Function Introduction

1. The use of high-precision series of sensors 4, long service life, safety overload 200%

2. The standard with Yaohua A12 weighing display, according to the needs can also be matched with other displays, built-in 6V/4mA maintenance-free battery, charging / plugging dual-purpose, charging once available for 100 hours, long battery life;

3. 6-digit large subtitle LCD red digital tube display, clear reading

4. It has the function of single point correction and three-point correction to ensure accuracy

5. With automatic adjustment of zero point and software filtering function, the weighing reaction speed can be adjusted according to the use environment.

6. The scale surface is based on strong structural pattern steel and U-shaped steel skeleton, which is strong and durable

7. Single-layer standard structure with 4 groups of adjustable feet; Double-layer construction, suitable for pit weighbridges, with 4 sets of bowl-shaped indenter components for easy installation.

8. Use the waterproof connection box to connect 4 sensors.

9. It can be easily connected with the weight control display to read the weight data and start other functions




Simple and lightweight, easy to handle, widely used in warehouses, workshops, bazaars, logistics and other occasions, suitable for pallet weighing and trolley weighing.


Model Max weighing capacity Division Counts Platform size(m) Accuracy grade
SCS-1 1t 0.5kg 2000n 1×1 OIML Ⅲ
SCS-2 2t 1kg 2000n 1.2×1.2 OIML Ⅲ
SCS-3 3t 1kg 3000n 1.5×1.5 OIML Ⅲ
SCS-5 5t 2kg 2500n 1.5×2 OIML Ⅲ
SCS-10 10t 5kg 2000n 2×3 OIML Ⅲ

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