1t-10t wirelss digital electronic crane scale

Short Description:

Wireless digital crane scale
Product model: OCS1t~10t
Range: 1t~10t
Wireless remote control with display
Monitor with print tickets option
High precision accuracy

Product Detail

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1. Fuzzy smart chip, fast and accurate reading.
2. Advanced production technology, the quality is more stable.
3. Stylish and dynamic design, exquisite and outstanding appearance.
4. Original weight recovery system, eliminating the need for weight re-calibration.

System features

1. Ultra-low energy consumption design, circuit board power consumption is smaller.
2. Equipped with wireless remote control, easy to operate.
3. Unique intelligent charging protection function, comprehensively prevent overcurrent, overcharge phenomenon, so that the battery life is stronger and more durable.
4. Automatic power saving and energy saving mode, save more power (need to be set).
5. Automatic voltage display at boot and shutdown
6. Good dynamic weighing performance, should not be shaken by heavy objects and affect the weighing results.
7. Accumulation, automatic accumulation, peeling, long-distance peeling, value retention, display index value selection, weightless correction function.
8. Automatic shutdown function, to eliminate battery loss caused by forgetting to shut down.
9. Overload and underload reminder display, low voltage alarm, alarm when the battery capacity is less than 15%.
10. The surface of the hook and loop is chrome/zinc treated, which is smooth and beautiful.

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Accuracy rating Comply with the international Class III scale standard
The battery is charged once during working time  About 60 hours
The scale body flushes once continuous working time 40 hours
Safety overload 150%F.S
Destruction overload 300%F.S
Operating ambient temperature -10~50℃
Ambient humidity <90%R.H
Display specifications 5-digit 30mm (1.2") LED high brightness display
Reading settling time <5.0S
Remote control distance 10-15M
Charger specifications 8V/1A

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