Heavy duty remote control digital crane scale

Short Description:

Wireless digital crane scale
Product model: OCS1t~30t
Range: 1t~30t
Heavy duty wireless remote control with display
Monitor with print tickets option
High precision accuracy

Product Detail

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1.The instrument can remotely control the scale body switch machine.
2. The instrument can repair the frequency of the scale body (64 frequency points).
3. The frequency of the transmitter can be changed through the instrument.
4. The instrument can view the battery power of the scale body
5. The instrument can be calibrated wirelessly on the scale body
6. The instrument can set the screen display mode
7. The instrument can provide intelligent help menu
8. Equipped with a large wireless digital transmission screen

System features

1, large screen dot matrix LCD display, can display Chinese, English, various symbols, etc., input all Chinese characters, the display is more intuitive and clear
2. With backlit display, it is easy to use without lighting.
3. You can enter 10 lines at a time when you enter the title, such as the company name, weigher, steel model, etc., and the entered characters will be automatically printed when the question is played;
4. The instrument has automatic shutdown function.
5. Man-machine dialogue, full keyboard calibration, a number of automatic functions, arbitrary settings, rich data management, a variety of storage and printing.
6. With the function of classified storage, it can store 100 kinds of goods, and the measurement value of 99 pounds of each kind of goods is 1664 times. AC and DC dual-use, built-in charging circuit, automatic charging with AC power, real-time clock circuit, power failure protection.
7. Continuous negative scale weighing can be carried out, with accumulation and subtraction functions.
8. Overload alarm function, when overloaded, the "overload" buzzer alarm is displayed above. Undervoltage indicates data retention, and the meter data for setting and weighing after shutdown can still be maintained.
9. Built-in micro printer, printing a variety of forms of pound sheets, dot matrix printer, can print the whole Chinese national standard I, II, Chinese characters, English, numbers and various symbols.
10. Built-in frequency synthesis receiver, which can use keyboard frequency modulation, and the instrument can be fully interchangeable, using international frequencies of 230NHz and 450MHz.
11. The new unit price input can automatically calculate the total price of goods and facilitate the sale and purchase of goods.
12. Serial interface mode: RS-232, 20MA current loop input, standard RS-232 interface and computer network communication.

Technical data

Accuracy rating Comply with the international Class III scale standard
Displays the update speed 6 times/sec (adjust as needed)
The scale body flushes once continuous working time 40 hours
Wireless transmission distance Not less than 200 meters when there is no obstruction
Operating ambient temperature -10>~50℃
relative humidity <95%R.H
Radio frequency band 230MHz or 450MHz
Scale body power supply 6V/4.5AH Lead-acid batteries
Indicator power supply 6V/2800mAh Nickel-metal hydride batteries



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