Unmanned automatic truck weighing system

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An unmanned automatic truck weighing system, also known as a weighbridge or truck scale, is a system for weighing trucks and their cargo automatically without the need for a human operator.

It typically consists of a set of sensors or load cells embedded in the ground, a display or control unit, and software to manage and record measurements.

When a truck is driven onto the weighing platform, the sensors or load cells detect its weight and send the data to the display or control unit. The software then processes the data and provides a measurement of the truck’s weight, including the weight of its cargo.

Unmanned automatic truck weighing systems are often used for monitoring the weight of commercial trucks to ensure compliance with weight restrictions and prevent damage to roads and bridges. They can also be used for monitoring inventory levels of bulk materials such as grain, coal or gravel.

Overall, unmanned automatic truck weighing systems provide a fast, efficient and accurate method of measuring the weight of trucks and their cargo, without requiring human intervention.

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Description of the Unattended Weighbridge System

Introducing our state-of-the-art unattended weighbridge system, designed to streamline your weighing operations and minimize the need for human intervention. At its core, our weighbridge system is an advanced technological solution that allows you to accurately weigh your products and goods with ease.

The unattended weighbridge system is designed to suit a wide range of industrial weighing needs, including pallet weighing and truck weighing. It's a versatile tool that can be installed in various industrial settings, providing you with an accurate, fast, and highly reliable weighing solution.

Our system is designed to be incredibly easy to use, and you can rest assured that your operations will be a lot more efficient and productive with it in place. Its automated nature means that it can autonomously handle the weighing process, transmitting the data in real-time without the need for operator intervention.

The unattended weighbridge system is a highly autonomous solution, which means that it can be relied on to make accurate measurements without the need for human oversight. It's a robust, fast, and foolproof way of weighing your goods and products, precisely and swiftly, making it a great tool for streamlining your operations.

One of the key features of our unattended weighbridge system is that it can be easily integrated into your existing systems, providing you with a seamless workflow. The system offers easy connectivity to various devices and software, making it effortless to integrate into your processes.

Furthermore, our weighbridge system features state-of-the-art software that allows you to monitor the progression of your weighing process from anywhere you are located, using real-time data visualization tools that will help you keep track of your operations.

The unattended weighbridge system has been designed to optimize the weighing process, reduce the risk of errors, and allow for faster throughput. With this system in place, you can be sure that your weighing operations are accurate and efficient, providing you with vital information required to improve your business.

Our unattended weighbridge system is a reliable, efficient, and highly accurate weighing solution that is easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into your process. It's the perfect tool to help you streamline your weighing operations and achieve your business's objectives. So why not invest in this innovative system today and start enjoying the benefits of our advanced weighing technology?


The unattended automatic truck weighing system consists of electronic weighing scale, infrared detection loading, vehicle identification system, video surveillance system, barriers, cameras and traffic lights. Trucks do not need to be supervised by personnel during the weighing process, and automatically carry out weighing data collection, data transmission, printing, storage, etc., which not only improves work efficiency but also effectively prevents cheating. Truly unattended can only be managed, suitable for grain bureaus, steel, coal mines, chemicals, garbage dumps, thermal power plants and other industries.

Unattended weighing system workflows
1. The entire system can be unattended or self-service weighed by the driver
2. A single weighbridge can support two kinds of unattended metering modes: one-way or two-way
3. When the unattended weighing system detects that the vehicle has entered the ground sense coil system, the automatic bounce brake, and the traffic light evergreen turns red
4. A pair of infrared thru-beam photoelectric switches are installed in front of and behind the weighbridge to sense the situation on the vehicle
5. Weighing on the vehicle, when the vehicle is not weighed, the infrared thru-beam is blocked, and the diaphragm induction cannot be voice prompted
6. The vehicle is parked and automatically saves the weighing weight, and the driver automatically enters the basic information of the vehicle through the card swipe system
7. Capture imagery such as front and rear of the car and license plate at the same time during weighing
8. Weighing process voice and LED screen guide the driver through the whole process
9. Vehicle weighing completes the road gate opens, the vehicle opens the weighbridge, the voice and LED screen prompt the vehicle to enter the next business link, after the vehicle weighs down, the brake falls on the bar, and the traffic light turns green.


Specification Sheet of Truck Scale
Model Capacity Platform size Division Section Load Cell Weight (T) 20FCL
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x7m 20kg 2 6 ±3.5 2 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x8m 20kg 2 6 ±4.0 2 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x9m 20kg 2 6 ±4.5 1 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x10m 20kg 2 6 ±5.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x12m 20kg 3 8 ±6.1 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x14m 20kg 3 8 ±7.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x15m 20kg 3 8 ±7.2 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x16m 20kg 3 8 ±8.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x18m 20kg 4 10 ±9.1 1 set
SCS-120 120t-150t 3x16m 50kg 4 10 ±8.3 1 set
SCS-120 120t-150t 3x18m 50kg 4 10 ±9.3 1 set


The advantages of the weighbridge unattended system
1. Data sharing, scientific and intelligent
2. Eliminate manual operation and effectively prevent cheating
3. Save time and cost, shorten the weighing time, all controlled by the computer system

Unattended weighing system image license plate recognition and video surveillance subsystem
1. Set up a monitoring system to prevent fraud
2. The surveillance signal of each camera is connected to the computer and the DVR separately through the video distributor
3. Video capture function, the collected images can be viewed according to the data filter, at a glance

Our unmanned weighbridge system advantages


1.It integrates the license plate recognition machine control, detector control, ultrasonic radar, microwave radar, traffic lights, barriers, card readers, capture, remote control, voice, LED screen as one control. Reduces the hassle of various devices and wiring. The corresponding integrated device can be controlled from the software to solve all problems with a single network cable.It is much easier installed and maintance by using this update new system.

2. Our new ultrasonic finisher uses the latest lidar to check the finishing of the vehicle tire to prevent the vehicle from pressing the edge, if there is a vehicle tire beyond the scale body, it can not be weighed. Card slot anti-cheating can be carried out to prevent the weight reduction caused by the vehicle not being fully weighed, or the weight becoming larger due to the rear car following the scale.


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