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The SCS series analog truck weighbridge is the most popular one in the market. It is made of qualified U shaped steel, which is stable and longer service life. The components of truck weighbridge is given as below:

High Precision load cell

Weighing indicator

Junction box


Exclusive application weighing software

Computer (Option)

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A little more about our truck scale

Introducing our state-of-the-art Truck Weight Weighbridge! This incredible piece of equipment is designed to accurately measure the weight of any truck and its cargo with ease, efficiency, and precision. Our weighbridge provides a simple and reliable solution for businesses looking to keep track of their shipping and receiving activities by providing an accurate and reliable measurement of goods.

At the heart of our weighbridge is the platform, which is designed to support the weight of a loaded truck. Made of durable materials like concrete or steel, it has been built to withstand the constant wear and tear of daily use. The platform is equipped with highly sensitive sensors that can accurately measure and record the weight of the truck and its load in real-time. With its high level of accuracy, our weighbridge ensures that businesses can always have precise information about the weight of their goods.

The digital display or computer system is the next essential component of our weighbridge. The display provides an easy-to-read readout of the total weight of the truck and its cargo. The computer system is highly advanced and can record and store the weight data for future reference. This information can be used for commercial purposes, such as determining the weight of goods for billing purposes, optimizing the transportation of goods, or even for regulatory compliance.

Our Truck Weight Weighbridge offers a range of advantages for businesses. Firstly, it drastically reduces the time required to weigh heavy trucks and allows for easier and smoother loading and unloading of goods. This can lead to a significant increase in productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Additionally, our weighbridge ensures that trucks are not overloaded, which can help to prevent accidents and damage to the trucks.

Our weighbridge has been designed with a focus on ease of use, reliability, and accuracy. We understand that time is valuable, and we have designed our weighbridge to function quickly, accurately, and without any downtime or interruptions. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that the measurements provided by our weighbridge are always accurate, consistent, and reliable.

Our Truck Weight Weighbridge is an essential piece of equipment for any business that relies on shipping and transport to operate. By providing an accurate and reliable measurement of goods, our weighbridge serves as a valuable tool for decision-making and managing operations. With its durable construction, advanced technology, and high level of accuracy, our weighbridge is sure to meet the demands of any business.

In conclusion, our Truck Weight Weighbridge is an excellent investment for any business that wants to improve its efficiency and productivity by accurately measuring its goods' weight. With its advanced technology, ease of use, and reliability, our weighbridge is sure to meet the needs of any business. So why wait? Invest in our state-of-the-art weighbridge today and take your business to the next level!

Technical parameter

Accuracy OIML III
Working temperature -30°C—70°C
Material QS235 Steel
Weighing capacity 10T-200T
Axel Weighing Capacity 30T, 40T
Platform length: 6-40m or customized
Division 5-100kgs
Top Thickness 10mm or customizd
Safe overload 150%
Structure U shaped steel
Storage 205 weighing record can be stored


Specification Sheet of Truck Scale
Model Capacity Platform size Division Section Load Cell Weight (T) 20FCL
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x7m 20kg 2 6 ±3.5 2 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x8m 20kg 2 6 ±4.0 2 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x9m 20kg 2 6 ±4.5 1 set
SCS-60 60t-100t 3x10m 20kg 2 6 ±5.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x12m 20kg 3 8 ±6.1 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x14m 20kg 3 8 ±7.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x15m 20kg 3 8 ±7.2 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x16m 20kg 3 8 ±8.0 1 set
SCS-80 80t-100t 3x18m 20kg 4 10 ±9.1 1 set
SCS-120 120t-150t 3x16m 50kg 4 10 ±8.3 1 set
SCS-120 120t-150t 3x18m 50kg 4 10 ±9.3 1 set

Our platform structures advantages


Installation at customer’s site



1.Can you customized the weighbridge design for us?
Yes, we have professional team with rich experience of all type weighbridge design by CAD only need to tell us scale design or send us the technical drawing you want, so that we can customize according to your request.

2.Can you also offer truck weighbridges for us?
Yes, we can offer different models of different capacity and size of truck weighbridges to meet different request of customers.

3..How about your machine quality, we are worry about the quality?
We are more than 30 years manufacturing experience of different kinds of electronic truck weighbridges We strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2000 System.and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard. Our products are running well in more than 30 countries

4.How we visit your factory and what will be the procedure?
Ourcompany located in Quanzhou, FU JIAN province, our nearest airport is JIN JIANG airport, if you take plane, it will need about 1 hours from Guangzhou city, 1.5hours from shanghai and 2 hour from Beijing.We will pick you up from airport as well as the train station.Welcome you and your team to visit us at any time!

5.Your price is high, is there any discount?
We always provide high quality weighbridges with reasonable prices.Our truck weighbridges have enough quality standard to make sure the weight bridge can work at different sourrounings situations. Our marketing style is quality equal to price, the price will be acceptable for our clients and durable for our productsAnyhow, when we will negotiate the price with each other during our meeting in factory and try our best to get a good satisfaction.

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